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June 2019

1. 267 times
Principles of precision medicine and its application in toxicology
Jon C. Cook, Hong Wu, Michael D. Aleo, Karissa Adkins
J. Toxicol. Sci., 43: 565-577 (2018)

2. 194 times
The anti-cancer drug gefitinib accelerates Fas-mediated apoptosis by enhancing caspase-8 activation in cancer cells
Yuto Sekiguchi, Mayuka Yamada, Takuya Noguchi, Chise Noomote, Mei Tsuchida, Yuki Kudoh, Yusuke Hirata, Atsushi Matsuzawa
J. Toxicol. Sci., 44: 435-440 (2019)

3. 171 times
Understanding dabs: contamination concerns of cannabis concentrates and cannabinoid transfer during the act of dabbing
Jeffrey C. Raber, Sytze Elzinga, Charles Kaplan
J. Toxicol. Sci., 40: 797-803 (2015)

4. 152 times
Polyhexamethylene guanidine phosphate-induced ROS-mediated DNA damage caused cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in lung epithelial cells
Ji Soo Park, Yong Joo Park, Ha Ryong Kim, Kyu Hyuck Chung
J. Toxicol. Sci., 44: 415-424 (2019)

5. 150 times
Hydrogen sulfide donor NaHS causes bronchitis with enhanced respiratory secretion in rats
Kana Unuma, Toshihiko Aki, Ayaka Yamashita, Ayaka Yoshikawa, Koichi Uemura
J. Toxicol. Sci., 44: 107-112 (2019)

6. 145 times
Cardio-renal safety of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Zaher A. Radi, K. Nasir Khan
J. Toxicol. Sci., 44: 373-391 (2019)

7. 105 times
Ketoconazole pretreatment ameliorates carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver injury in rats by suppressing inflammation and oxidative stress
Yunsong Zhou, Chong Peng, Zunming Zhou, Keer Huang
J. Toxicol. Sci., 44: 405-414 (2019)

8. 102 times
Predicting the results of a 24-hr human patch test for surfactants: utility of margin-setting in a reconstructed human epidermis model
Mariko Sugiyama, Takuro Ueki, Shinichi Ogata, Hiroshi Itagaki
J. Toxicol. Sci., 44: 393-403 (2019)

9. 85 times
Ellagic acid inhibits proliferation and migration of cardiac fibroblasts by down-regulating expression of HDAC1
Cong Lin, Dazhen Wei, Dawei Xin, Jialin Pan, Mingyuan Huang
J. Toxicol. Sci., 44: 425-433 (2019)

10. 84 times
Morihiko HIROTA, Masato KITAGAKI, Hiroshi ITAGAKI, Setsuya AIBA
J. Toxicol. Sci., 31: 149-156 (2006)

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